Born in Dorchester Gus was born with Cerebral Palsy. The left sided hemiparisis and problems with co-ordination meant very early on Gus was seeing the local physiotherapist to work on his co-ordination. A keen interest in sport early on, one of his main interests American Football. To this day he remains a keen Buffalo Bills fan.

Injury prone after a neck injury in 1991 neurologists at Southampton general thought he would no longer take part in sport. Three years later in 1994 Gus represented the GB juniors American Football. Weymouth College's support of his dyslexia led to his academic performance improving. In 1997 he decided to take on an HND at what is now Southampton Solent University.

It was in that first year he found out one of his older brothers had Haemachromatosis and was terminally ill. Gus was initially diagnosed with the condition. 13 years later that diagnosis turned out to be a clerical error made by ST Mary's surgery in Southampton.

In 2003 Gus's father and terminally ill brother both passed away in the same year. It started off a push to raise awareness of the charities he cared deeply about. On the verge of moving on from challenges Gus's mother died from ovarian cancer in 2007 after Gus graduated with an MSC from Southampton University. Gus went on to push himself further.

Now in 2014 he has completed 50,000 miles on a static bike on the Red Funnel ferries. He has three challenges left including rowing around the Isle of Wight and an Iron distance triathlon.